Friday, July 23, 2010


My room is in complete disarray right now.  It's past embarrassing.  It's not dirty, just a jumble of stuff, like clothes to donate, books and notebooks from college (and high school... and grade school, oops!), and random housewares from my apartment.   I'm trying to transition from college to real life and it's hard.  I have no idea what I need to take, what to wear for javascript:void(0)work, and what I should just toss.  Only 15 days too.  I better get a move on it, but right now, I'm procrastinating, finding hilarious and adorable youtube videos, looking through etsy sites, and listening to new music.  I'll get everything else done eventually, don't worry mom!  But in the meantime, keeping with the theme of making lists of everything else in my life (Thank you notes, packing lists, emails to send, etc), I've made a list of my current favorite things:

1. Babelgum, Kids Reenacting Jersey Shore. (also watch the Hills and the Real Housewives of New Jersey)

2. Eminem ft. Rihanna - "Love the Way You Lie"

3. Flo Rida ft. David Guetta - "Club Can't Handle Me"

5. Lo Bosworth, from "omg, guys, this is like our last prom ever" to almost engaged, she's one of the best (and seemingly most normal) Laguna Beach/LA girls.  and she's gorgeous.

 4. Iker Casillas' interview by girlfriend Sara Carbonero after his World Cup Victory

5. 43 Things.   The creators decided that people need obtainable goals and that 43 was the maximum you should be thinking about at once.  You can create your list and see how many other people have the same goals.  You can also see their tips on achieving similar goals, root for others (and they can root for you!), and be inspired by others hopes and dreams. 

6. Anchor Charm Necklace, $16, urban outfitters.  Nope, I'm not over the anchors yet (delta gamma is for life, so it's ok : )  And the envelope says, "only you can hold me down".  So cute.

 7. Dear Girls Above Me,  Hilarious thoughts of a guy living below some 20-something girls.  He makes me worried about some of the stupid stuff I might have once said.

8. I'm maybe falling in love with tumblr.  It's a perfect way to waste an afternoon scrolling through page after page of pictures.  Not that I ever waste time looking through blogs.... Anyway, two of my recent faves: twentythree:  and Just be spLendid

9. Forget Me Knot ring, MoMA, $65.
10.Quotable Cards I think I could read these cards all day everyday and never get bored.  Only very very inspired.

11. Nicholas Sparks' Dear John.  He's fantastic at capturing the emotions of a LDR.

 12. Personalized Silver Ring, $32, tinahdee on etsy.

13. My Growing Heart necklace, $25, onelifejewelry on etsy.

14.Dear Blank, Please Blank.Short little letters you want to send so badly, but could never really send or say.  Examples:
"Dear energy saving co-worker who religiously turns off the lights after leaving the restroom,
You might be overdoing it.
Sincerely, I'm still in here."
"Dear film industry,
Please stop with the 3D craze.  The movies aren't better, I get headaches, and no one will look good in those on dates.
Sincerely, Step Up 3D? Really?"

15. Lovely Engagement Photographs.  I'm addicted to looking through blogs of engagement pictures.  I think it's amazing how much love and personality can be captured in photographs.  Like these taken by Shannen Norman:

But I can't help but think about the statistic from senior year religion class that fifty percent of engagements don't actually end in marriage.  That's a lot of money to spend on pictures that you aren't going to want to keep.  Hopefully that rate has decreased since then?  It seems so high!

Yay!  Now that I've posted some of these things, I can close the tabs on my firefox windows.  I had about 30 tabs open at the start of this post and it was getting a bit too overwhelming.  like my messy room that I'm still staring at...

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